在以Pia Wurtzbach和Atom Araullo为标题的名为“Our Future Is Here”的运动的一部分,优衣库创建了一个设计项目,该项目以当地场景的马尼拉“未来英雄”为特色,在整个运动中增添了菲律宾特色。

该活动旨在庆祝菲律宾文化的发展,并在马尼拉街头与优衣库的品牌价值之间建立了相似之处。优衣库菲律宾市场总监Georgette Barrera-Jalasco说:“这与衣服无关。 这是关于穿着它们的人,他们的生活方式以及衣服如何使他们的生活变得更好。”

UNIQLO celebrates its sixth year in the Philippines by opening a global flagship store, the biggest in Southeast Asia in 2018.

As part of its campaign named “Our Future Is Here”, headlined by Pia Wurtzbach and Atom Araullo, UNIQLO created a design project featuring UNIQLO Manila “future heroes” from the local scene, adding a Filipino touch to the whole campaign. 

The campaign celebrates the development of Philippines culture and draws a parallel between the streets of Manila and UNIQLO’s brand values. Georgette Barrera-Jalasco, marketing director UNIQLO Philipines says “It’s not about the clothes. It’s about the people wearing them, their lifestyle, and how the clothes can make their life better.”