投放国家:新加坡 / 马来西亚 / 泰国 / 印度尼西亚 / 菲律宾

衣库东南亚地区发起了首个“Wherever You Go”旅行者运动,以支持该地区强烈的冒险精神。

这项运动是为了庆祝旅行精神及其在东南亚人民生活中日益重要的意义,将展示一系列短片,介绍在日 本各地进行非凡旅行经历的普通民众。



这些电影旨在激发人们沉浸在新文化和新经历中,以丰富他们的福祉。 该活动采用了优衣库2017年秋冬 LifeWear系列中的关键单品,重点介绍了优衣库LifeWear如何为渴望体验的旅行者提供完美的支持; 其 广泛的创新,时尚和价格适中的服装适合新的气候,目的地和冒险活动。


UNIQLO Southeast Asia launches first “Wherever You Go” Travellers campaign to support region’s strong spirit of adventure.


The campaign is to celebrate the spirit of travel and its growing importance in the lives of people across Southeast Asia by presenting a series of short films featuring ordinary people undertaking extraordinary travel experiences around Japan.


The films aim to inspire people to immerse themselves in new cultures and novel experiences to enrich their wellbeing. The campaign features key pieces from UNIQLO’s 2017 Fall/Winter LifeWear collection to highlights how UNIQLO LifeWear offers the perfect support for experience-hungry travellers; its wide range of innovative, stylish, and affordable clothing suitable for new climates, destinations and adventures.